What I do

What do I offer?

Essentially I help to build the capacity of organisations and leaders to collaborate effectively with others, especially to address their most complex challenges. This includes:

  • Different parts of an organisation working in a more ‘joined-up’ way
  • Organisations collaborating with other organisations/stakeholders
  • Organisations engaging their communities
  • Leaders helping directors of different parts of an organisation working more as a team.
  • A whole system to align its efforts to address a highly complex social or environmental issue.


How do I offer this support?


  • Listening very carefully to what organisations and leaders are facing.
  • Providing early advice around projects, and during periods of the most challenging moments of the like of a project.
  • Providing briefing sessions to leadership teams, elected representatives and boards.
  • Delivering sessions at conferences and symposiums
  • Facilitating training
  • Coaching collaboration champions in organisations.
  • Coaching/mentoring leaders who are learning to do it differently.
  • Co-designing processes to achieve enduring solutions with a diverse range of players around a particular issue.
  • Facilitating sessions where it makes sense to utilise an independent person.


What are some different terms used that explain what I do?

  • Collaborative governance
  • Systems change
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement/relations/management
  • Risk communication
  • Public participation
  • Deliberative democratic processes
  • Collective Impact
  • Alternative dispute resolution.


Influences to my practice

  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Asset-based community development
  • Systems transformation
  • Dialogue
  • Complexity theory
  • Deliberative democracy
  • Collective Impact




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