What we do


We work with people at all stages of their projects to understand their unique, and not so unique, challenges and to co-create new ways of responding to those challenges.

Design & delivery of community engagement



Training and Mentoring




Design & delivery of community engagement

The best way to work with us is from the beginning to the end of the project. We can work with you through the following stages: 

– Developing a project plan that meets your needs and desired approach 

– Helping you ask the right questions for meaningful engagement

– Co-designing the process with relevant stakeholders

– Preparing facilitation material and briefing presenters 

– Delivering the project as an independent facilitator 

– Providing concise and timely outputs and process reporting

– Evaluating the process

This approach can be streamlined depending on the project in question. Please get in touch with us for a quote that meets your needs. 



Co-designing your process with the relevant stakeholders is crucial for developing enduring solutions that have the buy-in needed to deliver outcomes. Co-design includes developing the project plan, key questions and approach through a facilitated workshop or series of workshops.

If you want to co-design your next engagement process, get in touch for a quote.

Authentic Co-design

If you want to learn more about co-design, Max Hardy Consulting is also part of the team delivering a self-paced Authentic Co-design course (online). Prices start from $457 and are available for purchase here. You can watch the trailer below for more information!



If your project is all planned and ready to go - we can jump straight
in, develop an agenda and provide expert facilitation. 

We bring a laid-back and engaging style of facilitation and utilise
a range of different approaches, including deliberative engagement, appreciative inquiry, systems transformation and collective impact.

Please get in touch for a quote. 


Training and Mentoring


Max Hardy is an experienced trainer, coach and mentor that can facilitate training workshops that build skills and capacity in community engagement, facilitation, deliberative democracy or codesign. Max has facilitated training academies for IAP2 in the UK and Canada and delivered training across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

If you would like to organise training or coaching for yourself or your team, please get in touch for a quote.


Mentoring means different things to different people and there are different approaches. Max's approach is to invite the mentees to set the agenda, identify key challenges and opportunities, and to work together to share personal insights and develop strategies and tactics.

Sessions typically:
- are 90 minutes in duration
- occur fortnightly
- involve setting an agenda for future  meetings at the first session
- run over a minimum of six sessions
- require some journaling (not extensive) in between sessions
- includes a mid-point review after three sessions

For the recommended 6 sessions your professional development investment will cost $3,600 exc. GST, please get in touch if you would like to book your sessions.

You can also benefit from Max Hardy’s 20+ years of experience, by engaging him for one-off or ongoing project advice. Max Hardy can provide advice on process design, developing the right questions, how to facilitate in challenging environments, reporting and evaluation or simply talk through a challenging aspect of a project.

Advice is charged on an hourly basis. Max Hardy’s current rate is $400 p/h, get in touch here.



Already finished a project and want to understand how it went and where you can improve next time? Max Hardy Consulting can prepare an evaluation report for you. 

This is a useful service when an independent voice is needed to review the process, without being affected by personal or political considerations. 

Get in touch for a quote.