Opportunities to maximise impact – 2016

Untitled design (2)It’s another year. Last year I blogged about ‘Aiming at average’. It worked so well I think I should do the same this year. Maybe that’s too boring, or I’m being lazy. To remind me, and perhaps you if you read it last year, it was basically about not aiming at perfection all the time. It tends to stop me attempting new things, and worrying about failing. Somehow taking the pressure off means I can function better ‘in the moment’. Aiming at average often means I function better than when I aim at excellence. Ironic isn’t it?

Anyway, I believe it is a bit lazy not to have a new focus for 2016. It’s taken awhile to come, but here it is. For me 2016, will be about working with others to maximise impact. I have come across so many fabulous people since moving to Melbourne. The opportunities for partnering seem endless. Probably too many to turn into something tangible. I have a habit of saying ‘yes’ to anyone offering an opportunity to work together. Mostly that works well for me. Somehow though I will need to make some choices about those opportunities. I can’t pursue them all.

So here is my criteria for the opportunities I believe are worth pursuing.

• Opportunities where my skills are likely to complement those of others; or in other words, partnering with those who are really good at stuff that I’m not so good at.

• Opportunities that focus on making the world a better place. It sounds ‘twee’ I know, but I don’t care. It matters to me. For me this means contributing to a world where there is more respect of ‘otherness’, more appreciation of complexity, more thinking and less judging, contributing to more liveable places for people and more compassion for those who are struggling.

• Bold opportunities – ones that push beyond tinkering around the edges, or fine tuning. I’m not sure the human race has enough time to play is safe. Playing it safe seems increasingly scary.

It’s only been just over twelve months since starting my own business. It has been really productive and busier than I ever imagined. Thanks to all those who have made the transition so smooth, and who have welcome Angela and I into the life of this great city.

There were a number of times last year when I returned to my motto for the year – about Aiming for Average. It helped. This year I hope I am able to remind myself to ‘Seize opportunities to maximise impact.’ We’ll see how it works out. There are already many opportunities ticking that box for me so it should be an intriguing year.

So, happy new year, and all that. And what is your motto for 2016?

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