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Happy new year! I hope 2021 is off to a great start for you. I’ve been busy behind the scenes on a few things, which I wanted to share with you today.


Coming up

The Tamarack Institute will be hosting a free webinar on the power of co-design on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 3pm-4pm ET (Thursday 28th January 7am-8am AEDT) where I am delighted to be speaking with Anthony Boxshall (Science into Action) and Lisa Attygalle (Tamarack Institute).

Co-Design is a collaborative approach that actively involves a diverse stakeholder group (e.g. staff, partners, citizens, customers and end users) in a design process to create something that meets their shared needs. When done well, the Co-Design process combats polarization and allows for the seemingly impossible to happen: Alignment. So what does an effective co-design process actually look like? What makes it authentic, and therefore powerful? When should it be used and when should it not be used?

We will explore what makes Co-Design powerful, and provide examples from recent projects to illustrate the process and be inspired by the outcomes that are produced.

Register for the webinar via this link.  All registrants will receive a full recording of the webinar, a copy of the slides, and a collection of links and resources.


Introducing Authentic Co-design is a new short course designed for leaders and decision-makers.

The course will introduce you to:

• The key concepts and definitions of co-design

• The key elements of the authentic co-design manual

• What creates an authentic co-design process?

These include the 5 principles of authentic co-design, common challenges and the 6-step process that is the authentic co-design framework. As well as insight into the planning and preparation you’ll need to put in place before starting the Authentic Co-design process.

Email me if you would like to find out more.


Authentic Co-design is a complete guide for changemakers and team members.

Whether you have been involved in co-design projects before or are just grappling with how to tackle a difficult project in a different way this collection of co-design resources will help guide you.

The course guides you through:

Exactly what co-design is, and when you should and shouldn't use it.

The Five Principles of Authentic Co-design.

The common challenges you'll face, and how to mitigate them.

The six steps of an Authentic Co-design process. These are tools each of the trainers have successfully used to create processes and ultimately build great relationships with stakeholders many times over. When you invest in the course, you receive:

• The 90-page Authentic Co-design Manual.

• Over 3 hours of video content.

• Checklists for each step of the Authentic Co-design process.

• The combined expertise of Max, Anthony Boxshall and Susan Carter.

• Two essential planning tools:

     o Readiness to collaborate planning tool and,

     o Community planning tool.

You can find out more about the course here.


Recently Antony Boxshall (Science into Action) and I were interviewed by collaboration guru Scott Millar, from Alberta Canada. We talked about co-design champions, and he talked about spark plugs.  We were describing the same thing! How about that? Check out Scott’s musings about this in his recent blog.


In other news I am now partnering with i.e. community to assist councils across Victoria to engage their communities in determining their vision, and to inform key planning documents. Busy times ahead.


Other projects recently have included work with Star Community Healthy, Palliative Care Queensland and Melbourne Water.


Finally, I now seem to be regarded as an elder among engagement practitioners, so I am becoming more in demand as a mentor, coach and strategic advisor. If you are looking for this kind of support then please get in touch via email or phone me on 0418 217 261.

Ok, so let’s all do our bit to make this a much, much better year!


Oh, and if you appreciate original abstract art, check out Angela’s work here. Here is an example of it! It’s called ‘Profile’

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